This Show is About People

Shaun Parker Projects


Part theatre. Part music. Part dance.  This Show Is About People is a collaborative undertaking between Shaun Parker and musical directors Mara and Llew Kiek. Through compelling music and movement it investigates the innate need within us all to belong to something. Ten individuals inhabit a common space. They have different lives and different stories. They are people in transit.

The music and songs in This Show Is About People all resonate with the themes of community and belonging. Led by world renowned musicians and vocalists Mara and Llew Kiek, the spine tingling vocal music of Bulgaria collides with songs from medieval Europe, modern gospel, word-art and popular songs of hope. The movement language is informed by highly physical contemporary dance, acrobatic and street dance styles, layered with intricate gesture and manipulative force.

Director and Choreographer Shaun Parker
Musical Directors Mara Kiek & Llew Kiek
Set and Costume Designer Robert Cousins
Sound Designer Peter Kennard
Performers Anton, Matt Cornell, Marnie Palomares, Guy Ryan
Musicians Jarnie Birmingham, Tobias Coles, Silvia Entcheva, Llew Kiek, Mara Kiek, Nick Wales
Lighting Designer Niklas Pajanti
Dramaturg Veronica Neave

Winner 2008 Australian Dance Award, Outstanding Achievement in Independent Dance

Image l John Sonas