The Theft of Sita

Nigel Jamieson & I Wayan Wija


Directed by Nigel Jamieson, this international collaboration brings together artists ranging from a superb Balinese shadow puppet master to Mambo Designer Reg  Mombassa, composer Paul Grabowsky, and members of his Art Orchestra to Balinese gamelan musicians. The Theft of Sita  is inspired by the great classical story of the Ramayana.  At its heart lies a commitment to creating a closer understanding of the plight of our nearest neighbor through a style of theatre full of humour, passion and imagination.

Concept and Director Nigel Jamieson
Text Nigel Jamieson and I Wayan Wija
Music Paul Grabowsky
Designer Julian Crouch
Produced by Performing Lines

"This is puppetry with politics and heart."

The Guardian