The Shadow King

Malthouse Theatre


Shakespeare’s timeless tragedy King Lear is an unmatched epic of connection, country, land, justice and despair. Now skillfully redefined asThe Shadow King, this contemporary retelling speaks to the tangled legacy of Indigenous Australia in a sprawling combination of modern English, Aboriginal languages, Kriol, music and dance. A majestic performance featuring some of the brightest lights in Australian performing arts.

Co-created by Michael Kantor and Tom E. Lewis
Producer Jo Porter
Associate Producer Jason Tamiru
Production Manager David Miller
Director Michael Kantor
Associate Director Melodie Reynolds-Diarra
Set Design Paul Jackson, Michael Kantor & David Miller
Costume & Props Design Ruby Langton Batty
Lighting Design Paul Jackson
Music Consultant Iain Grandage
Musical Arrangements and Direction John Rodgers
Dramaturgy Marion Potts
Stage Manager Lisa Osborn
Touring Mechanist Andy Moore
Sound Engineer Alistair Stobo

Performers Jada Alberts, Jimi Bani, Frances Djulibing, Rurriwuy Hick, Damion Hunter, Kamahi Djordon King, Tom E. Lewis, and Natasha Wanganeen
Band Selwyn Burns, Djakapurra Munyarryun and Bart Willoughby

IMAGE l Daybreak films