The Season

Nathan Maynard


Families are like seasons: you don't get to pick them, and when they show up you best be ready.

Somewhere between the mainland and its southern-most mate lies Big Dog Island. For six weeks of the year that's where you'll find the Duncans, a mob as funny as they are unforgettable. They come from all over to make the most of mutton-bird season, and have done for as long as anyone can remember. Long memories mean it's not just the birds that arrive for this year's harvest, though, as old secrets are dug up from their burrows, fledgling rivalries begin to take flight and outsiders stick their beaks where they're not welcome. It might all fall apart if it wasn't for the fierce love that holds this bunch together.

In The Season, playwright Nathan Maynard has crafted a drop-your-plate funny portrait of a singular corner of our world. Directed by Isaac Drandic and featuring a stellar cast including Tammy Anderson, Trevor Jamieson and Luke Carroll, the play boasts a fertile combination of Aboriginal writer, director and seven member ensemble. A rowdy and at times rude celebration of tradition and the bonds that unite us, this season the weather is looking up.


Writer Nathan Maynard
Director Isaac Drandic
Dramaturg Peter Matheson
Set and Costume Designer Richard Roberts
Lighting Designer Rachel Burke
Sound Designer Ben Grant
Cast Kelton Pell, Tammy Anderson, Nazaree Dickerson, Luke Carroll, James Slee, Lisa Maza and Trevor Jamieson