The Navigator

Liza Lim and Patricia Sykes


An opera by Liza Lim and Patricia Skyes
Directed by Barrie Kosky

A gripping tale of extremity of passion explodes onto the stage. Barrie Kosky, one of the most provocative and adventurous directors in the world today, directs this production by internationally acclaimed composer Liza Lim and performed by renowned ELISION Ensemble.

The Navigator evokes stories from the great Indian epic The Mahabharata and the romance of Tristan und Isolde, in its telling of how people risk everything in journeying towards unity and/or transformation, questioning the contingency of living only one life in one world.


The Beloved Talise Trevigne
The Navigator Andrew Watts 
The Fool Omar Ebrahim
Angel of History Deborah Kayser
The Crone Philip Larson
Conductor Manuel Nawri 
Recorded Soloist Genevieve Lacey
Director Barrie Kosky
Set Designers Barrie Kosky and Alice Babidge
Costume Designers Alice Babidge
Lighting Design Damien Cooper
Sound Design Michael Hewes

Image | Robert & Shana Parke Harrison