The Nargun and the Stars



The magical world of Patricia Wrightson’s much-loved novel comes to life on stage in a stunning visual feast, featuring ERTH's large scale puppets, live actors, and digital animation.

The story follows Simon, a boy orphaned and relocated to his distant cousins’ bush farm, where he soon meets the indigenous creatures of the land: the trickster Potkoorok, the mischievous Turongs, the cave-dwelling Nyols and the Nargun, a terrifying stone creature.

Combining visual spectacle with Wrightson’s warmth, humour and richly drawn characters, this is a story of not only adventure and discovery, but also of respect for the land, Indigenous culture and its folklore. The adaptation is informed by ERTH’s on-going consultation with the original story owners, the Gunai/Kurnai, Monaro and Boon Wurrung communities of East Gippsland. 

From the novel by Patricia Wrightson
Adapted by Verity Laughton
Directors Scott Wright and Wesley Enoch
Featuring Bill Young, Annie Byron, Tom Green
Puppeteers Colin Sneesby, Sharon Kerr, Jacob Boehme, Jo Clancy, Josh Bond
Associate Puppetry Director Colin Sneesby
Set Design Steve Howarth
Puppet Design Bryony Anderson
Composer Phil Downing
Audiovisual Samuel James
Lighting Designer Bernie Tan