The Age I'm In

Force Majeure


Force Majeure’s The Age I’m In is a poignant, witty and revealing portrait of how we inhabit the age we’re in throughout our lives.

Woven together and brought to life by Force Majeure’s distinctive dance-theatre language, a diverse selection of Australians aged between fourteen and eighty offer astonishingly personal responses to a range of emotive issues, creating an intimate and warm-hearted snapshot of the aging process.

Under acclaimed director Kate Champion, this remarkable performance which won the award for Outstanding Performance by a Company at the 2009 Australian Dance Awards, skillfully combines audio visual technology, real-life interviews and a distinctive physical language to take a fresh and humorous look at generational clichés, family interactions and the complexity of human relationships.


Director Kate Champion
Designer Geoff Cobham
Artistic Associate Roz Hervey
Composer Max Lyandvert
Costume Designer Bruce McKinven
Sound Editor Mark Blackwell
Photographer William Yang
Audio Visual Producer Tony Melov
Audio Visual Designer Neil Jensen
Rehearsal Director Byron Perry
Producer Karen Rodgers
Production Manager Martin Langthorne
Tour Manager Pella Gregory
Stage Manager Erin Daly
Technician Chris Petridis 
Childcare Richard Boyce / Amanda Perrett
Performers Marlo Benjamin, Samuel Brent, Annie Byron, Tilda Cobham Hervey, Alexandra Cook, Macushla Cross, Vincent Crowley, Daniel Daw, Penny Everingham, Brian Harrison, Roz Hervey, Kirstie McCracken, Josh Mu, Veronica Neave, Tim Ohl, Byron Perry, Ingrid Weisfelt


"Here is an overwhelming sense of universality that elements of what is being expressed could apply to almost any era in many languages."


"Funny and utterly uplifting…filled with beauty, constructed of simple and innocent moments of truth, hope and pure emotion."