Same, Same but Different

Force Majeure


Same, Same But Different creates lasting imagery of various states of co-dependence, frustration, tenderness and humour, through a dexterous blend of film, dance and theatrical virtuosity.

Within a moving set of frames, the action is exposed and edited before the audience’s eyes. Live action interacts with life-sized film imagery evoking the multiplicity of thought within each character…their fleeting desires… their unfulfilled expectations.

Giant giraffes tangled in a mating ritual are background to a couple’s antagonistic counterbalance dance. A human race that runs in circles in a metaphor for our more desperate efforts to survive…and a marathon dance of repetition reveals nuances of intimacy that only exist through the stamina of emotional endurance.

Same, same But Different defies categorisation with the dancers that act, actors that move and film that lives and breathes through the flesh of the performers. In 2002 Same, same But Different was awarded the Helpmann Award for Best Physical Theatre or Visual Performance and the Australian Dance Award for Outstanding Performance by a Female Dancer (Roz Hervey).

Director Kate Champion
Designer (Set and Lighting) Geoff Cobham
Composer and Sound Designer Max Lyandvert
Film Maker Brigid Kitchin
Director’s Assistant Ingrid Voorendt
Associate Producer Karen Rodgers
Production Manager (Performing Lines) Martin Langthorne
Stage Manager Mary Macrae
Assistant Stage Mangers Anna Kosky, Bruce McKinvenz
Production Co-ordinator Mark Mitchell
Creative Development Consultant Victoria Spence
Performers Arianthe Galani, Brian Harrison, Roz Hervey, Kirstie McCracken, Veronica Neave, Nathan Page, Shaun Parker, Byron Perry, Ben Winspear

Photo | Heidrun Löhr

Same, Same But Different… (is) a rare success in blending words and movement, music and projected images to comment intimately and incisively on relationships by dovetailing the skills of dances and actors."

Sydney Morning Herald

"Absolutely engrossing… sit back and let this gossamer performance touch you lightly with is truth, and prepare to be enchanted."

The Courier Mail