Never Did Me Any Harm

Force Majeure


Never before have parents been under such pressure when it comes to raising children. Is the pressure to get it right overwhelming us? And what is ‘good parenting’ anyway? Are children today given too much choice? Too few boundaries? Less chance to take risks?

Drawing inspiration from real-life interviews, award-winning director and choreographer Kate Champion explores contemporary attitudes to raising children in this provocative dance theatre work.

Using a distinctive language of dance, images and text, Force Majeure and Sydney Theatre Company have created an emotional, humorous and insightful work that cannot fail to resonate with all who were once children.


Co-produced by Force Majeure and Sydney Theatre Company
Devised by Force Majeure
Director Kate Champion
Set & Lighting Designer Geoff Cobham
Composer & Sound Designer Max Lyandvert
Dramaturg Andrew Upton
Associate Director Roz Hervey
Assistant Director Geordie Brookman
Audio Visual & Assistant Lighting Designer Chris Petridis
Choreography The Company
With Marlo Benjamin, Kristina Chan, Alan Flower, Tracy Mann, Josh Mu, Veronica Neave, Timothy Ohl

IMAGE l Tim Richardson 

Kate champion is a rare talent, and whatever she does next must be immediately labelled ‘don’t miss.