Sydney Dance Company


The Greek poet Pindar (6th century BC) was renowned for his Odes celebrating victors of the games at Delphi, Nemea, Isthmus of Corinth and Olympia. In these victory odes, sung by a choir of men and boys, Pindar names the great god-hero Heracles as the founder of the Olympic Games, and the ultimate champion to which all others aspire.

In 2000, the Sydney 2000 Olympic Arts Festival and the Brisbane Festival commissioned Sydney Dance Company to create a work to celebrate the Olympics. Inspired by the heroes of Greek mythology, Murphy fittingly created a latter-day Olympic Ode, honouring the heroes of ancient mythology in the manner of Pindar.

Mythologia premiered on 19 August 2000 at the Capitol Theatre in Sydney. An epic dance-drama on an operatic scale, it quickly became the hit of the festival. Sydney Dance Company’s 18 dancers were joined on stage by the 60-voice Sydney Gay and Lesbian Choir. Carl Vine, a long-time collaborator of Greame Murphy, created the epic score, and George Freedman created the stark minimalist set which provided a counterpoint to Richard de Chazal’s opulent costumes.


The text, orchestrated by Carl Vine, is sung in ancient Greek by the Sydney Gay Liberation Choir.
Set Carl Vine
Costume Richard de Chazal
Lighting Damien Cooper
Video Imagery Martin Crouch / Norah Mulroney