My Bicycle Loves You

Legs on the Wall


My Bicycle Loves You is a wildly imaginative, often surreal, modern day fantasy that pays homage to the spirit of vaudeville and follows a day in the life of seven individuals, all of whom live in the same apartment block. Like the films used in the production, this collection of characters is full of all manner of curiosities.

As we watch these people go about their daily lives we realise that notions of time and reason bear little resemblance to what we usually know.  It is a surreal and enchanting world in which dreams begin at dawn, bodies defy gravity and death is conquered by love. The starting point for My Bicycle Loves You was a treasure trove of films created at the turn of the last century. Recently restored by the National Film and Sound Archive, they were originally owned by the Corrick Family, who screened the films as part of their touring vaudeville act in the early 1900s.

By revisiting the past creative moments that generated these films and making a new work in partnership with them, Legs has created a place in which past and present, two and three dimensional space are talking to each other – we have sought to create a new space in which virtuosity and fragility can coexist.


Director Patrick Nolan
Devisors Beatrix Christian, Patrick Nolan, Anna Tregloan and company
Composer  Ben Walsh
Designer Anna Tregloan
Lighting Damien Cooper
Video Mic Gruchy
AV interactive Tim Gruchy
Video Associate Blue Lucine
Artistic Associate Simone O’Brien

Performers Alicia Battestini, Tom Flanagan, Alexandra Harrison, Aimee Horne, Kate Sherman, Matt Wilson and Emil Wolk

Musicians Luke Dubber, Eden Ottignon, Matt Ottignon, Daniel Pliner, Mick Stuart and Ben Walsh

IMAGE l Leo Bonne