Monkey... Journey to the West

Kim Carpenter's Theatre of Image


Live on-stage, in a large-scale production, Monkey…Journey to the West is based on China’s popular classic story of The Monkey King and remembered by generations of Australians from the 70’s cult TV show Monkey Magic.

Join our iconic hero Monkey in his quest to return the sacred scriptures – and peace and harmony – to China. Meet heavenly beings and fallible mortals and cheer our heroes on in their exciting battles with devious spirits and treacherous monsters.

Monkey is the tale of four mismatched pilgrims - the undisciplined, disruptive and semi-divine Monkey, the anxious mortal monk Tripitaka, the rude and rapacious Pigsy, and the sincere but slow monster Sandy - as they overcome impossible odds on their journey from China to India to obtain sacred scriptures and enlightenment.


Creator/Designer/Co-Director Kim Carpenter
Writer Donna Abela
Co-Director John Bell
Composer/Musician Peter Kennard
Movement Director Scott Witt
Lighting Designer Sian James-Holland
Sound Designer Tony Love
Performers Aljin Abella - Monkey, Darren Gilshenan - Pigsy, Justin Smith - Sandy, Aileen Huynh - Tripitaka, Ivy Mak, Anthony Taufa, David Whitney, Lia Reutens
Joshua Tieu
Jair Coronado
Johnny Do
Lena Cruz
Jack Brown

Photo credit | Justin Nicholas

"Kim Carpenter's Theatre of Image makes shows for families. So while Monkey welcomes children, it doesn't ignore its adult audience"


"It’s very much a show for the family."