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In a wondrous world of riddles and hidden treasure, bumbling Jack Hare is on a race against time to deliver a message of love from the Moon to the Sun. Far, far away in a world just like ours, a mother cheers her son Joe with the tale of Jack Hare’s adventure. But when Jack’s mission goes topsy-turvy, Joe and his mum come to the rescue, and the line between the two worlds becomes blurred forever.

Masquerade brought to splendorous life a much-loved children’s book and the beautiful story of a small boy with enormous courage.

As a child, playwright Kate Mulvany found respite in the vibrant and imaginative world of Kit Williams’ Masquerade, and believes it played an integral part in her recovery from cancer. It was this experience that led her to adapt Masquerade for the stage.

This magical tale will enchanted audiences aged nine to 90, starring Helen Dallimore (Wicked), with music performed live by Mikelangelo and the Black Sea Gentlemen.


Based on the book by Kit Williams 

Writer Kate Mulvany
Directors Sam Strong and Lee Lewis
Performers Jack Andrew, Pip Branson, Kate Cheel, Helen Dallimore, Louis Fontaine, Nathan O’Keefe, Zindzi Okenyo, Mikelangelo
Music Mikelangelo and the Black Sea Gentlemen (Pip Branson, Guy Freer, Sam Martin, Phil Moriarty, Mikelangelo)
Designer Anna Cordingley
Lighting Designer Geoff Cobham
Composition and Musical Direction Pip Branson and Mikelangelo
Audio Visual Designer Chris Petridis
Sound Designer Michael Toisuta
Choreographer Tanya Mitford
Assistant Director Nescha Jelk
Associate Designer Romanie Harper
Stage Manager Amy Harris
Assistant Stage Manager Mel Dyer
Stage Management Secondment NIDA Jennifer Parsonage
Production Managers Gavin Norris and Martin Kinnane
Child Chaperone Whitney Richards
STCSA Head of Wardrobe & Masquerade Wardrobe Show Supervisor Kellie Jones
Cutters & Costume Makers Emma Brockliss, Enken Hagge, Martine Micklem, Caitlyn Newbury
Costume Props Maker Stephanie Fisher, Kyle Bowen
Wigs & Facial Hair Jana Davies
Wardrobe Supervisor Caitlin Newbury
Head Mechanist Damien King
Head Electrician Daniel Barber

★★★★ "A delight from start to finish"


★★★★ "A delightful family show"


 "[Mikelangelo and the Black Sea Gentlemen's] music, and Mulvany’s new story, bring to this production an emotional power that the original never had."