Stalker Theatre Company


Stalker Theatre Company is a Sydney-based company renowned for the production and execution of spectacular outdoor performances. Stalker claims to create ‘a theatre of dimension’ in which the large scale and heightened physicality of performance reflects the monumentality of the Australian landscape and its impact on the Indigenous and non-Indigenous inhabitants of the country. Described as ‘structural and physical, a blend of acrobatics and architecture’, Stalker performances are ‘at times site specific yet always outside the confines of a traditional theatre environment’.

Stalker's site-based performances encourage ‘audiences to consider the lay of the land… as an integral part of any theatrical moment’.

Stalker's Incognita premiered in 2003 and tackled the considerable problem of belonging to place in a contemporary Australian geo-political context. This conundrum is succinctly expressed by Australian historian, Peter Read: ‘How can we non-Indigenous Australians justify our continuous presence and our love for this country while the Indigenous people remain dispossessed and their history unacknowledged?’