Happy as Larry

Shaun Parker Projects


What makes us happy?

Happy as Larry is a funny, playful and poignant new dance show, which investigates the elusive nature of human happiness. This powerful production combines an intoxicating mix of ballet, break-dance, roller-skating and highly physical contemporary dance.

The cast of characters is developed from the Enneagram, a psychological system that maps nine personality types: The Perfectionist; The Giver; The Performer; The Tragic Romantic; The Observer; The Devil’s Advocate; The Optimist; The Boss; and The Mediator – all rich inspiration for Shaun Parker’s insightful creativity.

Set to a vibrant electro/acoustic score, the performers bring fun and danger to the fore in this innovative and moving dance work.

Director/Choreographer Shaun Parker
Co-Composers Nick Wales & Bree Van Reyk
Designer Adam Gardnir
Lighting Designer Luiz Pampolha
Dramaturg Veronica Neave
Rehearsal Director Craig Bary