Complexity of Belonging

Chunky Move


A project by Falk Richter & Anouk Van Dijk

From a long-standing and critically lauded collaboration comes a politically charged work from two of theatre and dance’s most unflinching creators.

Uniting the potent choreography of Chunky Move Artistic Director Anouk van Dijk and the text and direction of Falk Richter, Complexity of Belonging seamlessly integrates text, movement and music to create a work of theatre that is in and of its time.

A darkly humorous exploration of identity in the age of social media, Complexity of Belonging peers into the lives of nine interconnected individuals as they grapple with an essential question: how and where do I belong? Nationality, gender, sexuality and history collide in this audacious, theatrical exposé of the daily trials of surviving in a hyperconnected, globalised society.

Falk Richter is one of the most important European playwrights of his generation. This was the fifth work from Richter and Van Dijk, who have been frequent creative collaborators over the past 15 years.


Concept, Direction and Choreography Falk Richter and Anouk Van Dijk
Text Falk Richter
Set Designer Robert Cousins
Costume Designer Mel Page
Lighting Designer Niklas Pajanti
Composer Malte Beckenbach
Dramaturges Nils Haarmann and Daniel Schlusser
Translator Daniel Schlusser
Assistant Director Gary Abrahams
Assistant to the Choreographer Niharika Senapati
Production Manager Michael Carr
Stage Manager Blair Hart
Deputy Stage Manager Alice Fleming
Sound Operator Marco Cher-Gibard
Production Services Manager Frank Stoffels
Staging Supervisor Grant Kennelly
Head Flyman James Tucker
Sound Supervisor Terry Mckibbin
Lighting Supervisor James Conway

IMAGE | Sarah Walker