Boundary Street

Black Swan State Theatre Company

Music Theatre
The year is 1942. The Japanese have bombed Darwin and loom on Australia's doorstep. But as war blazes overseas, a battle is brewing in sleepy, conservative Brisbane. Boundary Street was the demarcation line between races, segregating black American servicemen and Indigenous Australians. For a short time during WWII it was also home to the hottest, most swinging new club in the Southern Hemisphere, Dr Carvers.
Providing Australian women and musicians with their first taste of edgy jazz, hot new dances and dangerous foreign liaisons, Dr Carvers broke the personal and racial boundaries of the day. Unfortunately every party comes to an end ... some with more ferocity than others. Boundary Street ignites the stage with sizzling new jazz tunes by James Morrison, nostalgic period covers and eye-popping swing, jive and jitterbug dancing.


Writer Reg Cribb
Original Music James Morrison
Director Kate Cherry