Beasty Grrrl

Scott Rankin


Tasmanian exotica meets Hollywood Babylon.

Born in Tasmania, Errol Flynn was the biggest star of his generation and the most recognizable face on the planet during the 1930s and 40s, yet he was buried in an unmarked grave and has never been recognized with an Academy Award. Through the eyes of a woman claiming to be his illegitimate daughter, Beatsy Grrrl digs beneath the glamour of his life as a matinee idol to reveal a shy man with a silly moustache, hamstrung by his good looks and the bulge in his green tights. Writer Scott Rankin has taken the story of Errol Flynn and created a one-woman show that explodes the myths built up around the Flynn legend. This collaborative piece uses video, music and performance to tell the story of Flynn’s homeland, travels, films, politics, lovers, nihilism and his misplaced desire to wrestle sharks and catch bullets.

Writer/Director Scott Rankin
Performer Paula Arundelll
Associate Director Neil Simpson
Composer Robert Iolini
Video Art Kristen Bradley
Designer Gavin Barbey
Producer Marguerite Pepper