The Major Festivals Initiative (MFI) is a unique co-investment model, administered by CAIAF with Creative Australia, to support the commissioning of new Australian works of scale. CAIAF is an incorporated association consisting of the seven major State and Territory international, multi-arts festivals.

It provides a unique opportunity for curatorial collaboration between the artistic directors of the rich and varied flagship festivals of their respective cities and regions.

The program is designed to facilitate the development of new, high-quality, large-scale Australian performing arts productions, to promote international awareness of the quality of Australian performing artists and strengthen Australia’s reputation as a sophisticated and artistic nation with a confident, outward focused arts sector.

The Australian Government through Creative Australia allocates $1.55 million annually for the Major Festivals Initiative. CAIAF is tasked with administering the MFI and through its members and co-commissioning partners, MFI investment is matched at 80-90% each year.

MFI investment subsidises the seeding, creative development and creation (pre-production) of projects commissioned by Festivals, presenters and their partners. Applications for co-investment are made by CAIAF Member Festivals for projects they wish to seed, develop or commission with their production partners. Opportunities exist for non-CAIAF Members to invest as co-commissioners and present productions in the world premiere season.